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I drop stitches on purpose now! 
10th-Jan-2008 08:05 pm
Strawberry Shortcake
I've learned to drop stitches on purpose! Before when I would discover a mistake several rows down I would either rip it back, tink, or leave it alone and just live with it, but a few days ago it occurred to me that I could drop stitches instead. I'm so pleased with this new discovery! If only I could have figured this out earlier! It's so much less work to just drop stitches above the mistake, correct it, then pick the stitches back up. It's been saving me a tun of time and work.
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11th-Jan-2008 03:58 pm (UTC)
I know, it has been so quiet. I've started missing you guys! Yall were the first real knitters I was able to talk to about knitting and gave me the most help when I was first learning. So now anytime I learn something new with knitting, you guys are the ones I want to run and tell about it. LOL
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